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This weeks show: “A Joy that is Greater than Our Circumstances”.  With Guests:

Rita A. Schulte – Rita is a licensed professional counselor in No. Virginia. She hosts a weekly podcast show called Heartline where she talks to the leading counselors and authors in the country about cutting edge topics affecting the lives of people today. Heartline is now airing on 90.5 FM in NC, and Rita’s 1 minute devotional spot, Consider This is airing on 90.5 FM and 90.9 FM in Lynchburg, Va. Heartline will be coming to Christian Life Internet Radio in February 2012. Follow Rita at for counseling helps and to read the first chapter of her book.

Catherine Leggitt What God gave me to talk about comes straight from His Word. And boy is it relevant! It’s about finding joy in the midst of whatever icky stuff life throws at you. You see, our response to life’s struggles determines whether suffering produces eternal fruit or not. Anyone can complain and try to get others to share his or her misery. Not only is this displeasing to God, it does not take advantage of what God desires to teach us through our challenges. Her website:

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