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Half of all smokers will develop SOME FORM OF CANCER, 10-20% will develop lung cancer specifically. However the current learning warning label on cigarettes is misleading because it implies that your risks from smoking only include lung cancer and heart disease. This is inaccurate. The label does not address the real risk of developing at least 16 other known forms of cancer. It also adds to the stigma that lung cancer is a smoker’s disease and creates a false sense of security that you are not at risk of developing lung cancer if you don’t smoke. This stigma is responsible for the fact that lung cancer is the number one cancer killer yet remains the least funded. People are dying from lung cancer every day just because they BREATHE AIR and smokers are developing many other forms of cancer, NOT JUST LUNG CANCER, as a result of the extremely addictive nature of smoking. Smoking also causes pancreatic, leukemia, liver, stomach, cervical, urinary tract, oral cavity, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, nasopharynx, oropharynx and hypo pharynx, oesophagus, larynx and possibility colorectal, prostate cancers. Based on these facts we want that the warning label on cigarettes rewritten to reflect more accurate information that SMOKING CAUSES CANCER and heart disease.


Surgeon General please stop the stigma and change the label, address the fact the SMOKING CAUSES CANCER!


It only takes a few moments to make a difference. Please go to the Web address below and sign the petition.

Do it for yourself, your children, and your children’s children!



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