Public Speaking: Talk and top your niche

Quick! Show of hands — who is afraid of public speaking?

It’s a common fear: Some studies show people would rather DIE than stand in front of a crowd and deliver a talk. And yet public speaking…or teaching…or leading a workshop and seminar about YOUR area of expertise, is the most effective, powerful way to draw customers to you.

That’s what Susan Rich and Michael Neuendorff discussed on the internet radio show Get Noticed Now! Michael is The Growth Coach and Susan is a Get-noticed-NOW marketing expert. Both used to be terrified of public speaking – so they can address that particular fear and why it’s important to lay it to rest.

“Your competition probably isn’t giving workshops or seminars,” Michael points out. “So get ahead of them by getting out there first.”

You can read the rest of their discussion here.

Michael was joined by Nillie Goldman on Susan Rich’s internet radio show: Get Noticed Now. This is the show where we tell you how to grab attention and drive sales — how to maximize your marketing efforts or use technology to become more productive. Nillie discussed her newly launched website that helps people start their own business.

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One thought on “Public Speaking: Talk and top your niche”

  1. It was a great experience being on the show. I’d like to add a tip to help business owners get more out of their use of public speaking to grow their businesses. Don’t accept speaking engagements of less than 20 minutes. I have found that anything less than that is not enough time to get a message across that will sell me to the audience.

    Every time you speak you should be thinking you’re selling and marketing. How can you entertain and educate your audience while selling yourself subtly? That’s the key to public speaking for business.

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