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JANUARY 30, 2014 TOPIC – Stinking Thinking!
Taking the “EEEEEEEEEEEEUUU” Out of Your Life!
Joyce and her special guest, Robin Raj Munger, chat about the very thoughts that internally undermine your happiness and success on a daily basis. Raj will reveal the tools she has discovered in dissolving those personal garbage heaps and combined with her energetic and psychic skills provides real steps you can take to bury the heap forever.
Raj brings her abilities down to earth with her special blend of insight and that straddles the psychic realm yet stays grounded in real world practices. Intelligent, witty, charming and observant, Raj brings her delightful insights to the show for host and listeners alike.
Guest:  Robin Raj Munger
My guest this week is Robin Raj Munger. Raj is a healer practicing energy medicine for over twenty five years studying ancient modalities of healing.   This also enhances her psychic medium abilities.  I have studied with some amazing teachers over the years including James Van Praagh.
She has been aware of her gifts from a very early age.  Animals, plants, sports and movement allowed me to find a sense of peace and knowing.  Horses are her true passion and she continues to incorporate them into my everyday life.   She has an enormous sense of kinship with elderly people. Their knowledge and life experience including history was a way for me to learn from and have them guide me and mentor me.
In her healing work she is able to see how people’s thoughts affect their aura, energy flows and how that can manifest in our bodies and in return affect our health.  With the help of my guides and those that have passed over I am able to give clients evidentiary information in order to provide healing and in most cases closure and peace in their lives.

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