Solo Pro Radio | George Plumley and Your Website Presence

George Plumley of

Today’s topic was simple tips Solo Pros could use to grow their online presence. George dug into why WordPress is such an excellent platform from which to build your Solo Pro business empire. It’s your store front as well as your launching base to send your Key message out through various media channels and a great place to bring interested potential customers back to in order to deepen the relationship.

George shared a few tips on plug-ins to keep your site function without overwhelming you. One essential tip he left us with was to always test your messaging. Today’s internet tools make that so easy. He also stressed the need to focus on just ONE topic at a time per page – and in your content, whether it’s a talk or article – to keep your messaging strong and clear.

George followed up by offering the listeners to Solo Pro Radio an incredibly generous offer: George is offering to give YOUR site a professional individual analysis for ONLY $5! He’ll get on the phone with you LIVE and let you know what’s working and what to improve (That ALONE could cost you big bucks elsewhere!)To take George up on his great offer, just click here >>

While you’re on his site, check out George’s cool tutorial videos – all under 2 minutes.

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