Solo Pro Radio | What to STOP doing to grow your business in 2012

This morning’s show was Part 2 of a special training series for a big Business Turnaround for 2012. Part 1 covered the 3 specific areas to fine tune and this segment covered the 7 categories of things to STOP doing in your business. Those categories include:

  1. The things you do on autopilot
  2. Giving away too much access to you
  3. Interruptions, distractions and background noise and clutter
  4. Eliminating the ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ syndrome
  5. Poor decision making and over complicating things
  6. Being sucked into the ‘Black Hole’ of time wasters
  7. Stop thinking small as a Solo Pro

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels or not growing your Solo Pro business as quickly as you’d like? Odds are you’re energy and time is being drained away in one of these areas. Join me to dig into each one and see how you can stop them.

Just imagine the power you’ll have to move your business forward when you’re no longer wasting your energy!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow – Thursday, January 5 at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern for the wrap up of this big Business Turnaround for 2012 special training series when I share exactly how a Solo Pro can build a virtual team to grow their business.


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