Solo Pro Radio talks to Glenda Show on Video tips for solos

Two-time Emmy nominated producer/writer Glenda Shaw began her media career in traditional network television. Then transitions to radio and internet video because of the interactivity was so powerful. In today’s Solo Pro Radio show, Glenda shares a wealth of tips for the Solo Pro to start using video to grow their business. Here are a few of the golden nuggets that she shared:

Messaging and style is essential. Be unique, authentic and true to yourself. Speak directly to your ideal client. Here are a few examples that she used:

IKEA uses funny videos. They cost lots of money to product but there are some great ideas that the Solo Pro can use in their own lower-budget videos.

Gary Venderchuk shares his passion about wine; not a lot of production but plenty of personality. He also was able to re-purpose his video expertise into books and workshops.

Michelle Fan is a young make up expert that uses videos to share how-to tips. The focus is more on how to do something rather than on her personally.

How to’s and funny vidoes get the most hits, but Glenda warns to be careful using your product. Don’t turn your video into an infomercial. That turns people off.

Here are the three main segments of creating your video that Glenda suggests paying special attention to:

  1. Pre-production: Spend the bulk of your time on planning, story boarding, doing a few focus groups to be sure your idea works. Set up your videographers ahead of time and make sure they know exactly what you’re trying to do. Map out your where and who. Be sure to have plenty of  release forms ready for any on-camera people you use – like testimonials.
  2. Production Day: Have food and water available. A happy set and happy content make for a happy video. Be very organized. Have a timeline check list so that everything is staged and ready to go.
  3. Post Production:  If you’re using an editor, be sure to set up a clear deadline. You can use a student editor from a local collage program to save money but see samples of their work first to be sure they’re up to it. Concentrate on good quality graphics and make sure that the look and feel of the video is consistent with your overall brand identity (it should look like your website, etc.)

One last tip that Glenda share was to post the video on your website – for the SEO boost – and then you might consider posting it on a site like for extra credibility and visibility. You can the distribute it on other sites. is a great auto-distrubuter that you might try.

You can learn more about Glenda and her services (she’s offered 30% off her services to Solo Pro Radio listeners) at


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