Success Secrets Exposed Episode 1 – Sally & Celeste – Put your Hands Up, Get out there & Give Back

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——–Quick Overview——
Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

———Our FIRST Guest is Celeste Lustosa————

Celeste Lustosa will share her “New Beginnings” story titled:

“Put your Hands Up, Get out there & Give Back”

Here is a little insight into her story…..
Celeste immigrated from Brazil in 2008 and had a very successful career as a media adviser for the state government. In Brazil, she also had her own live tv show – and opportunity that came about when I was just an intern when one of the presenters didn’t show up;
She put her hand up to present in his place and never looked back.

One of her biggest secrets is to always put your hands up for things.

The challenges she overcame…..
* My career going back a decade and my new beginning meant a completely new life.
* Overcoming the barriers of the “Australian accent”
* Start my own consultancy business – Lustosa Marketing
* Starting a business because of a young family

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As promised our guest want you to have forward movement just like Sally so they have given you some valuable and FREE resources to help you grow!

Secrets Exposed, Guest’s FREE downloads.  Get them now!

Guest’s FREE downloads.  Get them now!
Celeste Lustosa
Ten Big Lessons Every Business Owner Should Know

Looking forward to see you all!

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