Success Secrets Exposed Episode 29: Phenomenal Teams

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12th February 10.30 am Adelaide, 11 am Sydney Time & Thursday 11th February at 7 pm New York time.

Our guest, Garie Dooley, will share his “Marketing & Strategy” story titled: “Phenomenal Teams – How Leaders Build High Performance Team that Last”.

Garie Dooley is obsessed with stretching and growing the brave, the mavericks in the making, and the game changers to create Phenomenal Teams and Legendary Leaders.As a speaker, coach, facilitator, and now author, Garie has developed a unique, powerful, practical and facilitated framework to safely enable teams to stretch, grow and consistently deliver industry-leading performance. This has been applied in a broad range of organisations, from elite sports teams to small, medium, national and multi-national businesses.

Very few consultants in the country can lay claim to the breadth of success Garie has had. He has supported teams from corporate Australia as well as elite sport, including AFL Premiership winners, Super Rugby League Championship winners, Sheffield Shield winners, netball grand finalists and Rugby League State of Origin winners. Garie has held senior corporate roles such as marketing manager, retail manager, regional director, sales manager and CEO at state, national and regional levels in organisations across a number of environments, including sport, telecommunications, recruitment, franchising and consulting.

It is this breadth of experience that serves to enhance Garie’s credibility when it comes to the building of Phenomenal Teams.Garie’s framework is real, practical and relevant, borne out of the cumulative experience gained through these roles. In fact, by his own admission, what really gives Garie credibility is the fact that he has made all of the mistakes that are mentioned in this book!

Which is why your next step is to read it and action the ideas contained within its pages. So you don’t make those same mistakes.

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