Susan Rich Talks week of April 2

Susan Rich, the get-you-noticed-now marketing pro and journalist-blogger, talks daily on internet radio station Join her 8 am PT / 11 am ET every weekday morning for your daily dose of the FEM factor: Fascinate. Educate. Motivate.

For the week of April 2:

Monday: Living the Writing Life – We’ll be talking with author Kate Maloy about her technique for writing metaphors and vivid scenes that pull the heartstrings. Also: Flash Fiction Contest: For the first time, the produce aisle was completely out of cabbage. Share 150 words, win a prize.

Tuesday: Rich & Gluten-Free – Celiac overview: Causes, treatments, living with this chronic condition. Lisa Shaver, ND.

Wednesday: Love & Lifestyle – Jack Jobe – Survival Prep – are you ready for the BIG ONE? It’s more than having enough water. And Michele Rosenthal talks her new book: Before the World Intruded

Thursday: Writing Craft: Part II on living the writing lifestyle, only with a marketing flair. Multiple book author, speaker, instructor Bev Flaxington talks about how she gets it all done – and so can you.

Friday: Potpourri + Retro Kitchen with co-host Annemarie Schuetz. Internet radio’s funniest Friday show. Little House on the Prairie battles modern day living…and chicken feed.

All shows 8 am PT/ 11 am ET on the All Women’s Radio Network,

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