Tuesday, September 30th @ 10 AM EST – Join Hosts, Beth Lynch & Reverend Sharon Shaw for “Ask Lately”!

Tuesday,  September 30th @ 10 AM EST – Join Hosts, Beth and Reverend Sharon for “Ask Lately”!

“Ask Lately” –  Join Hosts Beth Lynch and Reverend Sharon Shaw as they share inspiration from channelings and connect you to the light & love of those who have crossed over.   They will be taking calls LIVE this week for “Ask Lately.”  Call in live for intuitive guidance or send your question now to innerlately@gmail.com & tune in to hear your message!

Phone in: 561-422-4365 or Skype: w4wnradio or login www.w4wn.com  during the show to speak LIVE with Beth and Sharon.

Let’s talk on life, death & everything in between!

Personal, social & global issues.

new innerlately.

Beth is a graduate of Delphi University and has been practicing meditation and yoga for over 20 years. She founded Inner Light Teachings in 1998. She is a published author and teaches at the Inner You Wellness Center in Upstate New York. Beth has been featured on numerous radio shows nationwide. Thirty years of curiosity, faith and healing has brought Beth Lynch to fulfilling her purpose and passion. It is her mission to help others understand intuition, healing and the power of love.  Website:www.innerlightteaching.com  email: info@innerlightteaching.com




Reverend Sharon Shaw

Reverend Sharon Shaw-Mh. D, founded Merging Spirit in 2007. Merging Spirit teaches and offers a variety of classes, workshops, relationship building tools and various healing treatments, which are based on universal laws and spiritual principles. Sharon is truly a Divine emissary of love between our world and the spirit realm.  Sharon has dedicated her life to connecting with the spirit realm to bring forth messages of enlightenment.  All you need is faith and trust that the energy exchange is of the highest order, she offers insight and has the ability to help people become enlightened within their own lives.  Website: www.mergingspirit.com   email: Sharonshaw@mergingspirit.com.

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