Under Siege – Hostage Negotiation Principles That Will Build Your Business

Two of Australian’s High Stakes Negotiation Specialists will take you behind the scenes of a real-life police siege and show you how the techniques used to survive, negotiate, and resolve high risk situations, can be used to maximise your personal and business performance.

Derrick McManus is a former Police Sniper, Diver, and Counter-Terrorist operator. After being shot 14 times in less than five seconds, Derrick became an International Speaker & Performance Consultant, and is currently working with University of South Australia, School of Psychology, to research Durability of Human Performance. 

Gary is a former Lawyer and a Communication and Negotiation Specialist, who was part of the team which developed the competency standards for Police Hostage Negotiators, and has worked extensively in the areas of team building and high performance. 

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