What do you hate? Tell us about it in this week’s writing prompt.

The secret is out.

Annemarie hates peanut butter; Susan thinks Brussels sprouts stink.

The list could go on forever:
=Food (kale, sprouts, Lima beans)
=Fashion (yellow lipstick and green eyeshadow – yeah, like we’ll be wearing that look)
=Reckless drivers (even if it’s you, c’mon, tell the truth)
=Stepping in dog poo (and not noticing until you walk in the door) –

Whatever it is, whenever it happens, we want to know about it. So pop 100 words in the Comment section on the blog at SusanRichTalks.com. Winner gets mentioned on Susan Rich Talks…Living the Writing Life, plus wins a prize: A copy of the book, Write it Rich! Tips for Reluctant Writers.

Already got your copy? Congrats — but don’t stop posting your words. Practice and publish is how you get noticed.

So tell us what you hate…even if it’s
=Blogging (where do you get your ideas from?)
=Ideas that go missing in the middle of the night (thanks, muse)
=Running out of gas in the middle of the I5 Bridge and stopping traffic for an hour! (Yes, that was me, stuck behind you on the bridge.)


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