Women Building Relationships

October 15, 2018 – Join me on Monday, October 15th (2:00 pm ET), for the “Success 4 Women” Radio Show which airs on the Women 4 Women Network. The theme of the show will be “Women Building Relationships.” My guests will be two women who use their skills and talents to build relationships by connecting and networking with people all around the world. Dr. Paula Fellingham, Founder/CEO, Women Information Network has brought over 50, 000 women together to network and to develop peace initiatives. Her International Women’s day events have drawn thousands worldwide. My next guest is Janice Porter, Relationship Marketing Consultant, Janice Porter Associates. Janice connects business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies by using one simple tool…”Sending out Cards.” She is an expert at showing business owners, entrepreneurs and companies how to create, nurture, and build relationships that ultimately lead to grow their bottom line.


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