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You’ll want to hear this one! Set aside an hour to listen in on Tuesday May 22nd when Isabella Stoloff’s guest on ‘A Better Life’ will be Shaman, Astrologer, writer, and International speaker, Michelle Karén. Tune in at 7 pm Pacific and 10 pm Eastern time.

The program will be truly enlightening and entertaining as these two friends and Shamans spend the hour talking about Astrology, Shamanism, Mayan Calendar, and so much more. Both of these women are extraordinary, dedicated healers and teachers.

Drawing on over thirty years of study and experience, Michelle’s creation, Astrology For Enlightenment, is a simple-to-follow, hands-on guide and tool-kit for using astrology to navigate and enhance every aspect of our daily life. Michelle distills astrology down to its purest form. She shows us, in a no-nonsense, direct manner, how easy it is to achieve enlightenment.

Michelle was born in Finland where there is a strong shamanistic tradition led by the Sami people in Lapland. She firmly believes we have the power to shift our reality, and she helps people do just that! “As we dream our reality into being, we are no longer the victims of our circumstances. We become the clear and powerful co-creators of our own destiny.”

When Michelle first encountered astrology she was just 14 years old. From that point on, however, she was determined that she would become a professional astrologer. She explains, “it was as though the whole universe conspired to support my perception of my own destiny.” As she describes it, it seemed to unfold before her effortlessly, “magically.”

In her beautiful video she tells us that she sees astrology as the architecture of life. In her book, Astrology for Enlightenment, Michelle describes how we can perceive and understand all of nature through the structure of astrology.

Explore Michelle’s amazing website: www.MichelleKaren.com  Sign up for Michelle Karén’s monthly newsletters, read her archived newsletters and magazine articles, be notified of her new books, appearances, shop, see her videos, read her articles, join her in her extraordinary spiritual journey for Ascension in the Sacred Valley of Peru and Lake Titicaca Dec 12-23, 2012.

Find out more about Isabella and her Shamanic healing sessions, classes, trips to Peru, informative videos, events at the OCHC and in the community, and see pictures when visiting her Orange County Healing Center website: www.ochealingcenter.com  Join Isabella’s mailing list. Look her up and LIKE her on Facebook. Check her out at twitter.com/isabellastoloff

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