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Join Isabella and her guest Ursula Mentjes this coming Tuesday night @ 7pm PST when Ursula will give innovative goal setting techniques.

Ursula Mentjes is a Certified Business Coach who specializes in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help her clients reach their highest potential in their careers and businesses. Specifically, she has helped businesses double and triple their sales revenue in as short as two months. The CEO of Integrated Digital Technologies, one of her clients, said the following, “Potential Quest, Inc. increased our sales by 100% in just two months which quickly impacted our bottom line.”
Audiences leave Ursula’s presentation with new insights and a focused list of written goals that inspire them to let go of limits and self-defeating behaviors and skyrocket their business or career.
Ursula honed her skills at an International Technical Training company, starting her career in sales in 1996 and advancing to the position of President in 2001. She attributes her success to setting aggressive goals and empowering her employees to be the best that they could be. Ursula is passion-ate about helping individuals and businesses reach their full potential, so in May of 2004 she founded Potential Quest, Inc., a Pro-fessional Coaching and Consulting firm that specializes in working with business owners, sales teams, managers and Account Executives. She is also the author of Selling With Intention.

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5 thoughts on “A Better Life”

  1. If you would like to take your business/sales/clients/income to the next level Ursula Mentjes is the person for you. The #1 Best Selling book on Amazon in both the business and marketing categories is “Selling With Intention”, endorsed by internationlly renowned author Brian Tracy, and Dr. Iven Misner, the found of the BNI Referral System. Ursula’s book “One Great Goal” will get you off the “hampster wheel” of being pulled in to many directions, give you a step by step for identifying and actualizing what your most important goal is, and at the same time achieve your smaller goals, all in easier, less stressful ways. Lynn Wakefield, Speakers Engagements and Events

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  3. Thank you Lynn! You are an angel in my life! I am so excited to share One Great Goal (and whatever else comes up) tonight with all of Isabella’s listeners!

    Thank you, Isabella, for having me on your show!

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