Best of The Best Connect Soul to Soul

Join Jill Tuesday, February 17, 2015 at 8:00 EST as she interviews guest Robin “Raj” Munger on Best of The Best, Connect Soul to Soul. Robin was given the nick name of Raj when she was very young by her three older siblings and it never left her.  This was her first sign that she was different.  The name actually means “King” in Sanskrit, although it was not given with that intention.   Raj’s gifts were evident early on.  Animals, plants, sports and movement allowed her to find a sense of peace and knowing.    Raj has been a massage therapist and healer practicing energy medicine for over twenty five years, studying ancient modalities of healing, which allowed her to enhance her psychic medium abilities.  She has studied with some amazing teachers over the years, including James Van Praagh. It is of the utmost importance to Raj be her authentic self and she often refers to herself as a cross between hillbilly and Buddha, which happens to be the title of the book she will be publishing in the near future.    The biggest part of Raj’s own personal karmic contract and lessons in life is to be the best mother she can be. Conscious parenting, in Raj’s opinion, should be a global concern, therefore she offers coaching on conscious parenting, and parenting through divorce. Being a psychic medium, a healer, animal communicator and karmic soul coach is a calling and life’s purpose for Raj. Raj is also honored to be one of the select few “Psychic Angels”, a team organized to assist law enforcement. Throughout the show, Raj and I will be offering free readings! Be sure to call in for us to answer 1 of your Psychic questions! This is a show you do not want to miss!

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