Connect Soul to Soul

Join Jill Tuesday, October 20, at 8:00 EST as she interviews guest Tina Firewolf on Best of The Best, Connect Soul to Soul.

Tina Firewolf is the author of the book Beneath the Chatter. A passionate observer of life with a feral heart, FireWolf shares her upbeat and down to earth insights through energizing presentations on what she calls the “The Great Human Unconditioning.” She offers a sensitive and honest perspective from her own whirling journey while sharing Tools, Tips & Tales on Spirituality, Self-Care, Compassionate Communication and connecting to the Mystery in the Natural World. She laughs with us as we all love ourselves Beneath the Chatter.

Synthesizing over 13 years of professional and personal experience in the fields of Education, Science, Self-Development, and Adventure Travel she embodies heart centered professionalism and a zest for life. As a joyful catalyst she spreads an understanding of the self & the skills needed to embrace all of who we are assisting in the connection to our own unique Fire. FireWolf promotes loving and leading ourselves from the inside out while expressing our Primal Voice our true nature. With a light-heart and fast wit she empowers people of all ages and traditions. FireWolf acts as a bridge for people to stop looking outside oneself for anything Why? Because she believes Enlightenment is for Every One in every ordinary moment! Exuding an artists passion for expression, sessions and presentations with FireWolf often feel more like an experience than a presentation. She often drums while chanting and assists the audiences in freeing their primal voice. FireWolf knows her primal power center and ignites you to know your own. You may see her at business conferences, association meetings, schools, libraries, churches, senior events, mind-body-spirit events, social groups, and beyond…If you do, be sure to connect!


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