From “Cellar Rat” to Artist to Winemaker, Shauna Rosenblum, of Rock Wall Wine Company Shares What is Takes to Win the GOLD

Tuesday, February 7 on Solo Pro Radio at 10am (PST)

Interview with guest Shauna Rosenblum, ROCK WALL WINE COMPANY

Shauna Rosenblum grew up a ‘cellar rat’ in Alameda on the site of what would come to be her father Kent Rosenblum’s Zinfandel empire namesake, Rosenblum Cellars.
By the age of 2, she was demanding to smell tank samples from wineries her family visited.
By the age of 3 , she was helping Kent taste and check brix (sugar) levels in the grapes at their vineyard.
By the age of 10 she was working on the bottling line, and helping in the cellar, and by the age of 15, she was sitting in on blends done by Kent, and his assistant winemakers.
She was always told she should do whatever she was passionate about, so she attended Undergraduate and Masters studies in Ceramics and Sculpture. During her Ceramics degree, she had to take several semesters of chemistry, which felt very familiar and natural to her because she had been doing it her whole life in the winery.
This was the ‘light bulb’ that winemaking really was an amazing art, and that’s what she wanted to do.
In 2008 her family sold Rosenblum Cellars, and started Rock Wall Wine Company.
Her enthusiasm for winemaking was apparent through the dedicated hours and love she put into Rock Wall’s first harvest. By the end of harvest, it was evident that not only was she in love with what she was doing, but she was a natural at it from her life-long installation of winemaking experience.
And thus, in 2008, the 25-year-old, with 23 years of winemaking experience under her belt, was named Winemaker.
Since then, she has garnered many Gold Medals, Double Gold Medals, Best of Shows, and event the accolade of “Best Zinfandel in California.”
It turns out, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the vine.

In addition, other competition info includes:
San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Judge
Orange County Wine Competition Judge
Next Generation Millennial Wine Competition Judge
Connisseur’s Guide to California Wines Judge
Lake County Wine Competition

I was the featured winemaker and spokesperson for barrel maker Seguin Moreau’s “Winemaker’s For Good Wood” campaign.

Featured story in November 2011’s Wine and Spirits as one of the Next Generation Winemakers, and Rock Wall is the featured winery/cover story in Wines and Vines November issue.

Featured story in January 2012’s Sunset Magazine

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