Get Out of Your Rut w/ Sarah & Dr. Motivator Tues 7/9 @ 5PM ET on Spiritually Speaking

SarahSpiritual’s new show on W4WN is ALL ABOUT YOU!  Your calls, your questions, your thoughts.  Your connection with Spirit. Your spiritual growth, personal transformation and ascension. “Spiritually Speaking” is about empowering women and people from ALL walks of life!

 SE2011_SarahandDean_02_400Back On Air Together!
~ The Dynamic Duo of Motivation ~
Tuesday  July 9 @ 5PM ET!

   Join Sarah & Dean  as they discuss
how you can “Direct YOUR Success”!  

Call (561) 422 4365 / Skype W4WNRadio
to speak with Sarah, Spirit and Dean!


About Dean K. Piper…


Dean K. Piper is a man who combines vision and action, and in the days when everyone is wondering what new technology or service or device will be the next big thing, Piper has long ago placed his bets and is making them come true. What Jobs is to Apple, Piper is to the future of radio.

A successful sales and management business trainer, motivational speaker, author, and master marketer with his 4C Marketing Group, Piper got his start in radio as a interviewed guest appearing on endless radio shows, eventually being approached to host his own show.  The exposure to many forms of the medium resulted in a futuristic brainstorm. Now Dean K. Piper is combining the best of the professionalism and program quality of traditional terrestrial radio with the infinite proliferation opportunities of digital broadcasting for a sure win on the bottom line. His Intertainment Network (that is internet, information, and entertainment, a word he coined) with its W4CY and other Internet Station is shocking the internet radio Arbitron ratings system with its rapid ascent to the top of the charts.

And Intertainment Television is here!

Visit Dean’s Intertainment Network!

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