Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep

Nicole Johnson, The Cindy Laverty Show

Millions of babies are born each year. Millions of them sleep and millions of them don’t, and if you have a baby that won’t sleep, you’re in for a bumby ride. Meet Nicole Johnson, Founder of The Baby Sleep Site™   Nicole is a baby and toddler sleep coach, and the mother of two young boys. More than 400,000 parents visit The Baby Sleep Site™ each month to find solutions for their children’s sleep problems, including personalized, one-on-one sleep consultations, comprehensive e-books on sleeping through the night, schedules and taking better naps, free articles and blogs on timely topics and strong community.

Apparently a lot of parents struggle with non-sleeping babies. The good news is that Nicole has a solution for YOU and it’s unique to your situation. No cookie-cutter stuff here. Whether you’re struggling with a baby who won’t fall asleep at night or a toddler who just doesn’t want to nap, The Baby Sleep Site tailors every approach with individuality in mind. They never offers one-size-fits-all advice or pass judgment on individual parenting philosophies. Their thoughtful, thorough and firm approach makes them a savior for sleep deprived families everywhere.

Nicole and I are talking babies, sleep issues, solutions for sleep issues, but we’re also going to spend time chatting about how she got her business started and give you tips if you have a deep burning desire to start your own business, but simply don’t know how. Nicole is a true inspiration. She saw a need and filled it. She grew her business intelligently and she’s the perfect person to get you pointed in the right direction. Whether you have a new baby, a toddler or you’re a grandparent wanting to help your adult children get help with babies who just won’t sleep…this interview is for YOU!

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