Mindful Eating – Why This Matters! Meet Keri Gans. SUNDAY. 1pm ET


Have you ever looked down at an empty bag of chips or pint of ice cream and wondered where it all went?  Then it hits you, you ate all of it though you only remember enjoying the first couple of bites.  This would be mindless eating.   How about the time you bought a large popcorn at the theater and it disappeared before you very eyes?  Mindless eating is often associated with watching the tube and especially a movie. But what about the other times we eat unconsciously?  Our guest, Keri Gans, RDN (KeriGansNutrition) and author of The Small Change Diet, will give you the skinny on when and how we fall into the pits of mindless eating.  No doubt you can imagine one or two example and solutions, and there’s more.  Keri will help all of us become more mindful of what we eat to be healthy – RECIPES!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Keri and me as we turn mindless to mindful eating with yummy healthy foods!  Sunday, 1pm ET, on W4WN.com.

… for the health of your family,

If you miss the live show, tune in on Sunday, 1pm ET, W4WN.com.

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