Monday with Metatron – Monday, 7 pm EST

monday with metatron

APRIL:  “Many are Called, but Few Answer”

Julie Geigle, Psychic Medium, Gifted Channel of Archangel Metatron & Spiritual Healer at

Master Team of Psychics:
Diana Blagdon, Psychic, Life & Business Coach at
Katherine Glass, Psychic Medium & Healer at
Maggie Chula, Spiritual Counselor & Psychic at

“Beyond the Veil: Monday with Metatron” is hosted the SECOND week of every month, LIVE ONLY
(archives posted at

What would it mean to be able to access spiritual masters from beyond?

Monday with Metatron is a roundtable discussion with Archangel Metatron. Julie goes into a light trance (she is still aware of her surroundings and understands what is happening) and allows Archangel Metatron to speak through her messages from beyond.

Our Master Psychic Team engages with Metatron directly asking questions and expanding on information that comes through.

Archangel Metatron has come to answer your questions about life. Metatron acts as a bridge between the divine and mankind. He is here to help us find balance, truth and harmony. He is here to help us ascend and evolve into higher states of consciousness.

We will also be taking questions from our live audience. Simply call in at 1-225-209-6188 and your question will be shared with our psychic team in our private chat room and if there is time our master psychics will share that question with Metatron.

This is a very exciting time we are moving into and we are honored to make this connection.


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