Next week on Susan Rich Talks! Join us on the All Women’s Radio Network,

Susan Rich Talks!
Here are 3 reasons why you should listen:

Susan Rich, get-you-noticed-now marketing pro and journalist-blogger, has a great trilogy of shows lined up on the All Women’s Radio Network, Join her every day for a little bit of the FEM factor: Fascinate. Educate. Motivate.

Join the conversation, 3 days a week, 11 am ET:

Tuesday: Rich&GlutenFree, 12.13
Health Coach Jill Muhm talks to us about why we crave SUGAR during the holidays…and if your 2012 resolution is to start a family, how going gluten-free can improve fertility.

Wednesday: End the Job Search, 12.14
Recruiter Connie Dorigan joins us for some job search strategies for the new year.

Thursday: Get Noticed, Now! 12.15
Special presentation: Host Susan Rich tells you how to Resonate with an Invisible Audience. Learn how your words connect you with your invisible, online buying market.

Would you like to be a guest on her shows?
How about a co-host — share the mic with Susan Rich and really get your name out there!

If you’d like some extra marketing love, please sponsor Susan Rich Talks! Find out why it’s good for your business, just contact Dean Piper.

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