NJ Woman on a Mission to CREATE JOBS

NJ Woman on a Mission to CREATE JOBS

Discover one woman’s plan to boost the economy NOW! It’s so simple that literally a 5th grader can understand it!




PRLog (Press Release) – May 25, 2012 –
Newark, NJ – Khalilah Wilbourn, 33, of New Jersey has developed a solid plan for job creation. She is tired of hearing the complaints about the economy and unemployment rates. So, she is doing something about it. This educator and marketing professional is the host of an internet radio show to promote entrepreneurship among young people. The show features young CEOs already making an impact on the world through business. The purpose of the show is to encourage other young people to take the leap into the business world too. The LIVE talk radio show airs weekly on Thursdays at 7:00pm ET on www.W4CY.com.

Wilbourn has over 10 years of business experience in various industries and uses the radio show as a platform to transfer business knowledge to young people. She says, “Young people are the key to a brighter future for this country and it is up to the experts to equip them now.” 35 years ago The American Business Revolution made a HUGE impact on this country, changing the business world forever. Now, this former Newark, NJ teacher has high hopes that her radio show, The Young CEO Movement will make an even greater impact. She says, “This is a global campaign to promote entrepreneurship among today’s youth.” Young people, parents, educators, and community leaders are uniting to make this happen.

When businesses are born and they grow, this spells JOB CREATION! Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, is one of the greatest examples for young aspiring entrepreneurs today. While still in high school, Zuckerberg built a product that was so powerful that Microsoft wanted to buy it from him. Then as a young college student he launched Facebook. His company currently employees over 3,000 people and the rest is history! With the great digital age that we are living in, Khalilah Wilbourn, believes that there are many more young Zuckerbergs out there. It is through The Young CEO Movement that she will bring up and coming business stars to the forefront. When these young entrepreneurs gain the knowledge, support, and exposure necessary for business success, new jobs are bound to crop up.

With this being an election year, the economy remains the number one hot topic in the country today. Many people still have concerns about our country’s future and what it will take to create jobs. This New Jersey woman is sure of her solution for this problem. Her one hour radio show, The Young CEO Movement, can be heard every Thursday at 7:00pm ET on www.W4CY.com. Be sure to tune in and witness the unfolding of the next generation business revolution. Follow the show on Twitter @TheYoungCEOMvmt and on Facebook: The Young CEO Movement.

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