About Blooming with Autism

I started this non-profit organization because I feel that a child with autism needs to be over-exposed with different types of therapy in order to bloom. My daughter was a child that spun, no eye contact, tantrumed continuously, covered her ears with loud noise, covered her eyes if she was over-stimulated, spoke when she was 4, potty trained not too much longer after that, rocked to calm herself and many other typical characteristics of autism. Being exposed to so many different types of therapy, she is doing extremely well. She continues to have speech therapy, behavior therapy with her sister, and social skills therapy. The better she gets the more she is mainstreamed. Families who cannot afford these priceless therapies need support to get them. Their child can bloom as well. It takes a village!!

Please read “Welcome to Holland” before leaving this website. And definitely view the video “Our Journey Through Autism 2010.” My old website was 2beautifulgirls.com, but once I decided to start this non-profit, I closed that site. Thank you for all your support and future support.

-President, Founder and mother of a child recovering from autism

Jodi Goldberg
mom of 2, 1 with autism

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