“Remove Your Blocks So Your Business Rocks” – an incredible interview with Jenn August, Business Hypnotherapy Expert and Success Coach

January 10, 2012, Bonnie Marie, co-host of Solo Pro Radio, shared a enlightening interview with Jenn August, World Expert in Hypnotherapy for Women Entrepreneurs.

Jenn shared her empowering story that propelled her out of her personal struggles with incredible blocks around herself worth and safety. She discovered that by addressing the subconscious mind and reprogramming the movie theater in her mind, she could move forward quickly and attain the success she desired most.
Hypnotherapy is an important tool to help you access your deep subconscious and reprogram your beliefs about self-worth and safety. Our conscious mind works hard by pushing, whereas the subconscious is the little voice doing what it feels is necessary to protect you.
Our personal blocks begin the minute we are born. The programming we have received stems from family, culture, religion, education and many other factors. This programming creates internal files that between the ages of 8-12 we establish our belief systems.
Jenn shared that women are programmed to auto-give – to give love, give our energy away, and not give to ourselves. This shows up in a woman’s ability to receive and in particular for women entrepreneurs. This in turn creates challenges and internal struggles that hold women back from financial and business success.
What Jenn’s C3 program does is to reprogram a woman’s ability to receive by turning off the auto-give programming and engage in a world that allows them to receive. This receiving not only serves them spiritually and emotionally, it empowers them with more energy to give in return. You can show up for others in a bigger and greater way, empowering yourself, stepping fully into your power, and championing others around you.
Learn how to step in your power with money. Re-educate your subconscious so that you can become a money magnet and attract your ideal clients. Step into Jenn’s amazing programs – The success programs are perfect for people who are brand new in business or for those who have been doing it for many years. Jenn is committed to your success because your success is good for the whole world. Her programs are the result of working for years with thousands of entrepreneurs discovering the best, most fun and fastest way to clear subconscious blocks to attracting clients, bringing in money and building a business that is emotionally & spiritually satisfying. They range from the do-it-yourself home study system to the hands on one-on-one VIP Programs. If as you go through the list you find yourself wondering “What’s the best program for me at this time in my business?”
Don’t put your business on hold any longer, step up and contact Jenn’s Client Care Specialist Ariel at info@beyond-business-for-women.com.
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