Success Secrets Exposed Episode 10: How to Earn Money by Understanding Personal Finances & Redesign Your Mind

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———————————Quick Overview————————————-

Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

———Our Guests are Sarah Searls and Stefam Miraglia————

Our first guest, Sarah Searl, will share her “Success Rituals” story titled: “How to Earn Money by Understanding Personal Finances”

In 2017 Sarah created her own business and began putting together programme called “Your Worth”. This programme is specific to Sarah’s Solutions and addresses several finance traps. It gives people the confidence to discuss money with their peers. By allowing people to make their own decisions on their finances, their wellbeing increases dramatically.The growth in self-belief is incredible once people understand they are totally in control.

When it comes to keeping her money, she has discovered all the traps and pitfalls with finance companies, banks, insurance companies, utility companies, credit cards etc. So that she can make these all work for yourather than against you.During this time of uncertainty, it is so important that money is kept in our communities rather than go offshore to many of these companies. Sarah prides herself in saving every learner $50,000 or more and so far, has succeeded in every person that has completed her programme (more than 1000 learners).

Our second guest, Stefan Miraglia, will share his “Success Rituals” story titled : “Redesign Your Mind”

Stefan is a mental health advocate who uses his book, podcast and blog to share his story and what he has learnt about overcoming anxiety and depression.

Stefan is the author of Redesign Your Mind: Tools and Inspiration for Positive Mental Health and has recently created the podcast, Redesign Your Mind – with the goal of having mental health conversations to help others with their mental health and finding more meaning in their lives.

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Sarah Searl
How to Earn Money by Understanding Personal Finances

Stefan Miraglia
Redesign Your Mind

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