Success Secrets Exposed Episode 12: I Am a Survivor – Going from soft to strong & Exit Corporate, Enter Entrepreneurship

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———————————Quick Overview————————————-
Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

———Our Guests are Rose Davidson and Michelle Fragais————

Our First Guest, Rose Davidson, will share her “Overcoming Challenges” story titled: “I Am a Survivor – Going from soft to strong.”

Rose has overcome many personal trials and challenges in her life.From her abusive father to several failed relationships…
All of this led to some mental health issues which she has no knowledge of at the time.

Flitting from one bad relationship to another Rose finally settled down and married in 1986 and went on to have two children. The married failed and she was on her own again.She re-married in 1991 after the birth of her third child. Unfortunately, her mental health issues continued to plague her.

With several suicide attempts and years of alcohol abuse, Rose finally sought the help of a psychiatrist in her 50’s who diagnosed her with PTSD, bipolar and Emotional Dysfunction Disorder after years of being mis-diagnosed with Chronic Depression.

She now wants to use her experiences to assist other women.Rose is the President of Healing Through Love in South Australia and Tasmania.

Our SecondGuest, Michelle Fragais, will share her “Overcoming Challenges” story titled: “Exit Corporate Enter Entrepreneurship”

Michelle Fragias is a Business Lifestyle Coach, Mentor & Speaker empowering Women in Business find clarity, confidence and momentum to start and grow a Purpose Based Lifestyle Business that will provide them with the Freedom & Flexibility of Time, Wealth & Wellbeing.

Whether you’ve got a side hustle , want to start one or currently run your own business, Michelle is The VITAL Coach in Business and Life.

Her work is built on the highs and lows of being a mother, wife, previously a senior Corporate Leader and Entrepreneur—learning to balance the many hats of being a woman (whilst attempting to maintain her own mental health and wellbeing). From loss of children, to losing the entirety of her family assets and having to start again to burning out three times and almost losing her life…oh, did we mention the surprise pregnancy at 40?

Now, having risen from the ashes…Michelle is here to show you, anything is possible with the right mindset Michelle envisions a world where ‘Wellbeing is THE WAY OF BEING —it’s her philosophy.

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