Success Secrets Exposed Episode 13: Rediscovering Joy & Diminishing for Love

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Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

———Our Guests is Cait Wotherspoon————

Our Guest, Cait Wotherspoon, will share her “Overcoming Challenges” story titled: “Rediscover Love”

Cait Wotherspoon is a Sydney Grief Counselling & Bereavement Counsellor. Grief and loss touched her life in a profound way. When she was 27 years old my life took an unusual twist, which turned into a cyclone.

She already had a gorgeous two and a half-year-old daughter and was pregnant with twins. Her identical twin daughters were born at 24 weeks gestation. The youngest twin lived for one week and the oldest twin was in the hospital for the first six months of her life. So, a lot of both her daughter’s first years were spent in and around hospitals and she had first-hand experience of grief and loss. Her passion for therapy and the dynamics of relationships between people began to emerge. She discovered she had skills in assisting people through different circumstances.

Her passion lies in helping clients (both adults and children) with their losses, grief and bereavement. Loss comes in many and varied forms. She has helped clients learn to cope with the loss of relationships, pets, careers, miscarriage, parents, grandparents, employment, independence, dreams and much more.

As a second guest, I will also be sharing my “Overcoming Challenges” story titled: “Diminishing for Love.”

Who is Sally Curtis anyway??

I was a wife, a daughter, a lover. I am a sister, a friend, a single mum to Rory, who will tell you, I am an over nurturer. I’ve cared for others in a way, I did not care for myself.
I am bold, fiercely optimistic, fast to act, highly social and I set firers under opportunities to make them more magnificent. I SEE the giftedness in people, the right puzzle pieces that align perfectly for them, they actually light up for me.
I draw people into my world of magnifying their greatness.I SEE their next steps unfold before my eyes. This is my effortless genius, my high energy super power & I love it.

But….before that I felt broken, I’d lost my voice, my identity, I lost my ability to see me, I had to re-discover me and find love in me before the transformation could begin.

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