Success Secrets Exposed Episode 7: 9min Performance Hacks for Successful People & Leader’s Block

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———————————Quick Overview————————————-

Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

———Our Guests are Ritu Mehrish & Alex Laws————

Our first guest, Alex Laws, will share her “Success Rituals” story titled:

“9min Performance Hacks for Successful People”

Alex is a High Performance Consultant for Athletes and Executives, Optimal Performance Speaker and a Bio Hacker.

As a world-class peak performance coach, exercise kinesiologist and strength conditioning specialist
Alexandra has over 20 years of experience coaching and training some of the best performers on the planet. Working with clients who are world title champions, world record holders, Wimbledon and French Open Champions, and Olympic Games medalists has allowed Alexandra to unlock the code to achieving and sustaining peak performance, on and off the field.
Alex has decoded the strategies she used with professional athletes to achieve world class status and has now applied them to the high performing leaders so they can achieve radical shifts in daily capacity,
stamina and contribution.

A former professional Triathlete who represented Australia 4 times, competed in the Commonwealth
Games and won 4 World Championship medals. Alexandra is passionate about the human body and its
proper function who possesses the expertise to identify dysfunctional gaps within training and
performance regimes. Through her peak performance programs, she successfully delivers fast and
effective results.

Our second guest, Ritu Mehrish, will share her “Success Rituals” story titled : “Leader’s Block”

Ritu Mehrish is a global speaker, executive coach and author, with twenty years of corporate experience with P&G, GE Capital and GE spin-off Genpact.

Ritu is a woman on a mission to humanise leadership. She provides a refreshing and unique perspective on leadership by talking about the challenges, dilemmas and blocks that leaders go through in their leadership journey. 

Her topic ‘Leader’s Block’ (yes, like writer’s block!) is very relevant to the leaders today to prepare them for the future. As per her research and interviews with hundreds of leaders across the globe, she found that Leader’s Block is one of the top reasons for unproductivity and blip in leadership. But interestingly it’s not talked about – in fact it didn’t even have a name until now. 

By talking about Leader’s Block, she enables leaders to recognize, acknowledge, overcome it and build leadership-staying power. 

She speaks about its triggers, impact, symptoms and ways to overcome it. 

Ritu tells stories of other leaders, who have gone through the challenges and blocks that you are facing, to inspire you and help you find a little bit of yourself in them. 

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