Susan Rich Talks…7 Deadly Advertising Mistakes with Phil Bernstein

Why does advertising fail?

Lots of reasons – and if you tuned into Susan Rich Talks…Your Marketing Plan with Phil Bernstein – you would have learned why they fail, and what you can do to create an ad campaign that grabs attention and drive sales.

But I’m not one for keeping secrets, so here’s where you download your free report: The Seven Deadly Advertising Mistakes and How to Fix Them.

Now for the Cliffs Notes:

Too much information: Your ad should be distilled down to one essential idea, one course of action, one hoped-for result. Avoid the temptation to tell people about THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS. If you provide too much information, it’s likely your customers will do nothing. Instead, pinpoint the result YOU want to have. Create the message that works to that end.

So what? Many ad campaigns flop because they fail to address the ‘so what’ question top-most in your customer’s mind. As you develop your ad, ask yourself, “SO WHAT!” for every claim you make. Family-owned bakery? SO WHAT! In town for 20 years? SO WHAT! You recently opened the only dedicated gluten-free bakery in Vancouver? Ah. Now you’re on to something. If your customers are on a gluten-free diet, you have their attention, and possibly their business.

You expect results overnight. Unless you’ve discovered a cure for cancer, and only you can sell the secret, the likelihood of becoming an overnight sensation is slim. Instead, plan for the long haul. It doesn’t matter which medium you choose (radio, TV, online, print), you must be consistent. Make sure your budget is large enough to launch a steady campaign. If you pull the plug in a week or two, you’ve just wasted money, Phil explains.

Rinse, Repeat, Rinse, Repeat, Rinse…Don’t be shy about repetition, it’s all part of the game. Don’t worry about overwhelming your market, or over-communicating. If you advertise to the point where people complain, but still give you money, you’re doing just fine, Phil says. That’s because people vote with their wallets. If you advertise consistently and nothing happens — no sales, no one signs up for your newsletter or downloads your special report — then you have a problem. At that point, Phil says, it’s time to step back and check your SO WHAT!

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