Today – Rev. John C. Lilek will be Sarah’s Guest at 5PM ET on Spiritually Speaking w/ Sarah

Rev_John_LilekTODAY at 5 PM ET Rev. John C. Lilek will be Sarah’s guest!  Join Sarah and John
as they discuss the Ascended Masters!

TODAY TUESDAY October 29  at 5PM ET call and speak with
Sarah, Spirit & John!
  Call (561) 422 4365 / Skype W4WNRadio

SarahSpiritual’s new show on W4WN is ALL ABOUT YOU!  Your calls, your questions, your thoughts.  Your connection with Spirit. Your spiritual growth, personal transformation and ascension. “Spiritually Speaking” is about empowering women and people from ALL walks of life!

About Rev. John C. Lilek…

John is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Teacher, Healer and Medium, through the Universal Spiritualist Association. Rev. Lilek is Founder and director of the Universal Spiritual Ministries Association.  John is Co-pastor of A temple of Love and Light, located in Ft. Wayne, IN.

Rev. Lilek is best known as a developed clairvoyant and clairaudient medium. He has frequently been on international radio broadcasts in as many as sixty-one countries and been a guest on New England Television. He has been interviewed and appeared in several books including, “Talking to the Other Side” written by Todd Jay Leonard. He has written several articles published in the National Spiritualist Summit.

John is also well known as a teacher, tutor and coach in helping many discover, train and develop their own spiritual gifts and talents, and achieve their higher potential in life. He teaches and helps many across America, and in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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