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Epigenetics: How thoughts and emotions affect our genes? (Dawson Church)

Discover epigenetics and why stress, emotions, spirituality and disease are inextricably linked. Explore the potential of epigenetic medicine and improve your health by proactively changing the way your genes are expressed through the alteration of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. - See more at: About Dawson Church –
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Go with the Flow

What does it mean to truly “go with the flow”? Are you sitting on the side of the riverbank judging and fearing as life passes you by? Paul Selig shares his life wisdom on what it means to jump into the river and go with the flow and how it will help rejoin you to
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UltraPrevention: Living a Healthy Lifestyle (Dr. Liponis) – See more at:

Everything You Need To Know About Living a Healthy Lifestyle by Dr. Liponis (co-author of Ultraprevention). In this interview, Dr. Liponis, a leading expert in preventative and integrative medicine, will debunk common myths regarding metabolism, losing weight, exercise, antioxidants, sodium, fish oil pills, coffee, and 0-calorie sweeteners. - See more at:
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