Monthly Archives: October 2017

Learn what a Leading Cancer Specialist Is Doing To Help Underserved Patients with Breast Cancer

Because 70% of all breast cancer deaths occur in low-middle income countries, leading cancer specialist, Dr. Paul Goss, founded the Global Cancer Institute (GCI) to help provide programs and services to help underserved patients with cancer in the U.S.A. and developing countries. According to the GCI, by 2025, 59% of all new cancer cases and 68% of
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VOTE RUN LEAD! – Yes, You Can Says Erin Vilardi- October 11- Fearless Fabulous You!

If you are ready to answer your inner voice that's saying "It's time for a call to action," then tune in to Fearless Fabulous YOU! Wednesday, October 11, 12 noon EST, to hear from Erin Vilardi, Founder & CEO of VoteRunLead, a a national non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging technology and train women to run for civic
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