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Please join Isabella Stoloff on A Better Life this Tuesday June 12 at 7 pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern time, when her guest will be Aleya Dao! Listen in as Aleya and Isabella discuss how you can ‘change your challenges – using a few simple steps.’ Aleya has the ability to help people access their energetic fields to help them transform their challenges into their greatest strengths.

Aleya Dao is a sound healer and energy practitioner, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and a spiritual guide. She produces and delivers the daily Cups of Consciousness, 7 minute meditations that help you activate your energetic intelligence, increase inner peace, and clarity.

In Portland Oregon, Aleya earned a bachelor’s degree from Lewis and Clark College, and in Santa Fe, N.M., her masters degree in Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College. Aleya is also a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado, and a Minister in the State of California.

Teaching and helping people activate their own energetic intelligence and access higher states of consciousness is Aleya‘s mastery. She produces and delivers audio meditations each weekday via e-mail that help people find greater clarity and balance. The daily Cups of Consciousness 7 minute meditations are incredibly powerful and help you activate your energetic intelligence.

It’s a pleasure to visit her beautiful website, https://www.aleyadao.com/

Tonight, Aleya is offering listeners a free week of her Daily Cups of Consciousness. You can sign up to receive these by going to https://www.aleyadao.com/free/

You can receive daily information about the energies coming onto the planet when you go to Aleya’s Facebook page, and then “like” it at https://www.facebook.com/MeditationTransformation

You know Isabella as a Shaman, and extraordinary Healer, Speaker, Teacher, enlightening and fun-loving Radio Show Host, but did you know she is also a dynamic writer? Read her newest intelligent and timely article in the July/August issue of Awareness magazine.

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