What Advocacy Means To You- Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry Join Fearless Fabulous YOU! Jan 18

You’ve heard this line before probably: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” It was a lesson I learned a few years ago facing cancer and my father’s death in the same year, all while rebuilding a business.  I believe these four things formed the foundation that kept me grounded: Faith, Fortitude, Focus and  Fearlessness. They also helped lift me up and re-channel my energy to become an advocate for putting your self-health first and self-worth first.

“Advocacy” is a sensitive word with a powerful backbone. People who become advocates are driven by a passion usually inspired by a turning point that impacts their lives, happy or sad. In my case it was a trifecta of events: a disease, a death, and a door closing in my professional life.

In the new book, “Advocacy Health U: 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment” (Motivational Press/January 2016) authors  Joni Aldrich and Christopher Jerry discuss the basics of advocacy and how it helps the healing process after a traumatic experience and can serve as a catalyst for positive change.  One who becomes an advocate has taken a strong step not only toward healing herself but also toward helping others.

Advocacy Heals U BOOK COVER

Both Joni and Chris faced their own devastating heartbreaks. For Joni it was losing her beloved husband, Gordon, to cancer after 20 years of marriage. For Chris, it was the tragic death of his young daughter, Emily, to a preventable medical error.

Their grief could have taken both Joni and Chris down much darker paths. They both chose to become advocates to help others and to make change happen. Joni started Cancer Lifeline Publications, has written seven books on care giving, coping and grief, and is an international radio host (W4WN,  W4CS, IHeart) whose programs include Cancer SOS and Advocacy Heals U (co-hosted with Chris).

Chris created The Emily Jerry Foundation to raise awareness about preventable medical errors with particular emphasis on medication errors.

Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry join me Monday, January 18, 4:28pmET on Fearless Fabulous You! to discuss their new book, what it means to be an advocate and how you can turn a life changing moment into a call for action.

“Advocacy Heals U” has been submitted for a 2016 Pulitzer Prize. Buy your copy now.

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