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Join Isabella Stoloff this Tuesday, May 1st at 7pm Pacific, and 10pm Eastern, when her guest on A Better Life will be natural health and longevity research scientist Dennis Watts!

Today, Dennis’ interest and main focus is the field of quantum physics as it relates to health and healing. He has been doing research and development in this field for 35 years.

His work spans an assortment of disciplines such as Medical Intuitive, Nutrition, Herbs, Anatomy, Physiology, Biology.

A rocket and research scientist for over 20 years, Dennis worked at Boeing, and in conjunction with NASA on projects such as the Space Shuttle program, the International Space Station Program, and a number of advanced DARPA projects. Dennis has worked as an Environmental Systems engineer, a Quantum Physicist, a globally respected water scientist, and as a Natural Health research scientist. He started Rejuv-A-Nation Research & Development to provide service to the community as a health coach.

Now he uses his intuitive abilities to help people understand why the body, mind, and spirit complex loses harmony and attracts dis-ease. He then helps people identify the best solution to restore and regenerate perfect harmony back into the body, mind, and spirit complex.

He feels strongly that our relationship to the source of creation and existence will bring our civilization into the prophesied Golden Age.
To book Dennis Watts, contact Lynn Wakefield
at 714-540-2333 or e-mail: lynn@speakersnow.info
Learn more about Isabella and see photos at her website: ochealingcenter.com

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