This Chef Started “The Wellness Project” To Heal Her Body – Aug 28- Fearless Fabulous YOU!

Fearless Fabulous YOU! August 28, 4pm EST- Phoebe Lapine, “The Wellness Project”

Diagnosed with the autoimmune disease: Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Chef and Food Blogger Phoebe Lapine decided that she needed to take more responsibility for her health beyond the medication prescribed by her doctor (don’t we all?). As a professional chef, Phoebe understood the importance of make dietary changes, but what about everything else in her life that could be toxic?

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Phoebe’s well-documented journey to better health became a book, “The Wellness Project.” I love this book because Phoebe shares her deep-dive into healing her body with a witty, honest voice that is not afraid to share the highs and woes of her rebellious thyroid gland and dealing with everything from aches and pains to fluctuating weight to skin eruptions and flakey scalp. We’ve all been down a path where the magnifying mirror reflects a hard reality. Phoebe explains how you can heal and still be a hedonist enjoying food, drink and pleasure while staying healthy. That’s fearless and fabulous!



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