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Join me on A Better Life. Tune in Live and listen to my guest Cliff Brodsky talk about his book, “I FOUND GOD IN HOLLYWOOD” We will also discuss Climate Change, Technology Revolution, Immortality, True history of America, & Sober Solutions LA!!!!

Cliff Brodsky penned “I Found God In Hollywood”, over a period of five years. The writing of the book was prompted by his sobriety, – the result of a longstanding fondness for marijuana. “Pot was my God and I knew I was an addict long before I did anything about it,’’ says Brodsky, now over 17 years sober. “I Found God In Hollywood” is an autobiographical collection of over 30 short stories that focus on Brodsky’s youth, college life, Hollywood and sobriety. His flair for comedic storytelling, coupled with a unique insight into how people think, or don’t think, for that matter, makes for an entertaining and enjoyable read. “I need people to know that a lot of life’s lessons are funny and that a good sense of humor is just as important as fame, fortune and the like. Actually, a good sense of humor might be one of the most important things in life!”
A talented pianist and music producer, Cliff Brodsky now adds author to his significant list of accomplishments. A graduate of Berklee College of Music with a B.A. in Music Synthesis, Brodsky has owned a recording studio in Hollywood for over 20 years and has Produced hundreds of singer/songwriters and bands. He has composed and recorded for film, radio, TV, and has worked with Sony, BMG, EMI, Capitol Records and Interscope. In 2006, with the help of an investor, Brodsky formed his own label — Brodsky Entertainment, (www.brodskyentertainment.com), where he serves as Producer, Songwriter and Talent Developer.
Cliff is currently finishing a new album of his own music as an artist and singer/songwriter, and has a new cable TV talk/variety show on Comcast Cable channel 8 in NH. The show is called “Cliff Brodsky’s NEXT Show-with Tom Lord”. Its about Cliff riffing on ideas about what he’s going to do NEXT time to Tom and they never really get to do the show, but its all about planning the NEXT show. So after Cliff and Tom banter back and forth for about an hour, they do a music set and it rocks. Recently, Cliff funded a scholarship for Berklee College of Music that will empower socially conscious songwriters and producers to use music as an instrument of peace. Cliff is also currently working with famed architect and studio designer John Storyk to build a new, state of the art recording facility in NH with a performance space and video editing suite to start working on producing records, more creative content with live shows and make social commentary and environmentally friendly type documentary films. To learn more about Cliff.
web: www.brodskyentertainment.com
email: cliff@brodskyentertainment.com

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