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Are You Carb-o-Phobic? Stop it already!

Many years ago my staff and I organized a “Save the Carbs” lunch in our office. We were tired of reading about carb-o-phobia and feeling a little sorry for pastry chefs and bakers. So we each brought in a carb-loaded dish. By the end of the meal we all were groaning and feeling sluggish. Carbo-comas!


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The thing is, our bodies need carbohydrates to function. It’s the kind of carb that matters and how much you consume. Consuming healthy carbs (e.g., beans, legumes, sweet potatoes and whole grains) is beneficial to your health. Consuming processed carbs is what you need to watch. Let’s face it, the word “processed” is a tip off as what to avoid.


Dr. Neil Malik, Bastyr University,discusses the smarter way to enjoy carbohydrates

Dr. Neal Malik, MPH, RDN, CHES, EP-C, with the School of Natural Health Arts & Sciences at Bastyr University in California, will provide tips for consuming carbs the right way, and he will explain how carbohydrate consumption impacts your health.

December 12, 4pm EST on and podcast permanently to and the free iHeart App.


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