Fuel Your Kids Sports Dreams – RECIPES!


If you have kids who love to run, bike or sing, jump, swim, skate or play any other sport, this show is for you!  We’ll cover how to feed their lungs, muscles and more, for optimum performance. Our sports nutrition expert guest, Nancy Clark, RDN, is a highly regarded nutrition advisor for both professional and aspiring athletes. Her Sports Nutrition Guideline book has been a “bible” used by many.  You will learn how to fuel your children for sports, whether they end up playing on any teams, for varsity, college, they turn pro, or not.  Nutritionist Nancy Clark will help you figure how and when to feed your children foods to prepare them for a practice, games and post recovery.  After all, while playing, their bodies are also trying to grow and stay healthy.  Co-host, Carolina Jantac, RDN (Kid Kritics Approved), will be sure we share some great recipes you can whip together to feed your aspiring athletes.

Join Nancy, Carolina and me as give you a guideline of how to fuel your children’s sports dreams with Better Food Choices!  Friday,  1pm ET on W4WN radio. … for the health of your family, ellen www.KidKritics.com www.FamilyFoodExperts.com www.FuelYourDreams.net

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