Get Ready to Release Your Inner Genius

Derek Mills, The Cindy Laverty Show, This week on The Cindy Laverty Show we’re talking self care times 10! Learning ways to release your inner genius; find your true passion; and set STANDARDS to make it happen is the ultimate form of self care and ultimately gives you an opportunity to better care for others. When you shine – it spreads. Meet Derek Mills, joining me live from Great Britain.

Derek is known as “the Standards Guy,” and is a former stutterer turned international speaker who has created a remarkable philosophy of life change that takes ten seconds which he shares with audiences all over the world. This philosophy, and hence his new book titled The 10 Second Philosophy , helps people the world over to re-evaluate the whole concept of goal-setting, to live a happier, happier, and more fulfilled life.

We are going to talk about how to reclaim you life – how to live your life as your true self.  Many of us struggle with that – we live up to someone else’s ideal and we don’t even know who we are and we are going to learn from Derek how to shift that.

He is a featured speaker in the personal development film “Keeper of the Keys” which premiered in the US in December, 2011 and starred Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff.  He is an international motivational speaker and coach as well as a senior partner in one of the UK’s leading wealth management organizations.

It is my pleasure and honor to welcome Derek to the show for the full hour. Tune in on Wednesday at 10am Pacific Time and 1pm Eastern Time. This show is sure to make an impact on your day, your week and ultimately your life.

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