Success Secrets Exposed Episode 4: The Courage to be Vulnerable & Dont Die with your Dreams Inside

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———————————Quick Overview————————————-

Success Secrets Exposed is a fun, inspiring, and informative show on the secrets of success and the challenging stories behind them.

————Our Guests are Lauren Kress and Keith Lightfoot—————

Our first guest Lauren, along with Sally, will share our “New Beginnings” story titled:

“The Courage to be Vulnerable”

Here is a little insight into Lauren…..

Lauren Kress is a content creator, interview host and thought leadership coach helping clever people bring their personal brand to life with compelling audiovisual stories.

As per Lauren, When it comes to creating compelling content that resonates with our ideal clients, many entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants are under the impression that they must share their greatest successes and present a perfect image to their market.

In order to truly connect with our clients and build our profile as a thought leader we must be prepared to share our failures, our struggles and have the courage to be vulnerable with our audience.

Our second guest Keith will share his “New Beginnings” story titled:

“Dont Die with your Dreams Inside”

Here is a little insight into his story…..

Keith is a speaker, author, songwriter, and teacher.
Keith says “Unlike many speakers, I am not enabling people to build wealth, I am enabling people to feel worthy and capable”.

“Equally with my teaching, I am not delivering new information, I am focused on ‘unlocking the learning’ already present in the student, to enable the learner to feel worthy and capable.

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Keith Lightfoot
Thank God It’s Friday

Looking forward to see you all!

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