Heart Healthy Fats. Recipes. SUNDAY. 1pm ET


So many are afraid to eat fat. There is so much controversy and confusion over the role fat plays in one’s health, and especially heart health.  As a result, many avoid fats all together.  Together with our guest, Sylvia Klinger, RDN (Hispanic Nutrition) and food consultant, co-host Stacey Antine, RDN (HealthBarn USA) author of Appetite for Life, we will walk through the good fats and explain why and how we all need to eat it to develop and maintain a strong, functional cardiovascular system. Get excited about enjoying foods, such as avocados and almonds as we share irresistible heart healthy recipes your whole family will love!

Come into our Family Food Experts Kitchen to join Stacey, Sylvia and me as we turn you on to heart healthy fats! Sunday, Feb. 9th, 1pm ET, on W4WN.com.

… for the health of your family,


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