Monday’s Topic on Solo Pro Radio: Why is it hard to make & actually achieve BIG goals?

Why is it challenging to dream BIG when going for your sales goals?

  • Do YOU set high (enough) sales and marketing goals for yourself?  Do you really?
  • If not, why not?
  • Or, are your goals always what you know you can reach?
  • What can we do to not only set BIG, inspiring goals, but actually realize them?

Join me as I interview Seattle-based psychotherapist & healer, Rachel Whalley of Healing For Good Girls and Certified Spiritual Counselor, Master Certified Coach, & founder of the Coaching From Spirit Institute, Sharon Wilson about why people have a hard time setting big goals and dreaming BIG even when they want to.

More than that, the duo will share strategies and tips for you to breakthrough roadblocks and step into a new reality of your own making both in sales and anything else you can imagine for yourself.

Tune in to the Monday Edition of Solo Pro Radio on January 23, 2012 with your host of the Selling With Spirit Radio Hour, Tshombe Brown:  10 AM Pacific / 1 Pm Eastern on the Women for Women Network.


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