Multi-vitamins and supplements: How do we make the best choice?

We’ve seen the headlines:

One report screams that vitamin E is suddenly bad for men. Another howls that supplements can shorten a woman’s lifespan.
It’s no better when it comes to food: One day we read that caffeine is good, the next it’s bad. Red wine today helps the heart, tomorrow it hurts it.

What are we supposed to believe?
How are we supposed to make choices that are healthy for us?

That’s what journalist-blogger Susan Rich and her guest, Gary Kracoff, NMD, registered pharmacist, talked about on the weekly internet radio show, Rich&Gluten-Free.

Kracoff is a pharmacist at Johnson Compounding and Wellness Center. He talks regularly with his customers about what they are taking, and why. The massive amount of information available online today creates mass confusion, and Kracoff suggests consumers need live wisdom: Talk with your pharmacist, or medical professional, before you start taking any supplement.

You can read the rest of the article on Rich and Gluten Free.

And, if you’d like a recipe for a gluten-free, raw dessert, check out this recipe.

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