PATIENT PRIVACY ISSUES on CAREGIVING S.O.S., Wed., July 18th, 2:00 p.m. EST on and

I decided to do this show when I was at a Zumba class and the instructor went through an entire diatribe about her mother and father going into assisted living because her father had early dementia and had taken two pills without his mother knowing it….you get the picture. Why would you discuss your complete family caregiving crisis with 35 strangers? Her mother would have been horribly embarrassed if she had known. Respect the privacy and confidentiality of others–especially your parents, family members and friends.

My guest is known as Nurse Barb. Barbara Dehn is a practicing Nurse Practitioner who appears regularly on CBS TV in San Francisco as a health expert, with Nurse Barb’s Daily Dose. She lectures at Stanford and wrote the award winning Personal Guides to Health. She also has a daily commercial free health blog at, where you can see Nurse Barb’s TV appearances. We are going to discuss family dynamics in a time of health crisis, and the importance of confidentiality between caregiver and patient.

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