Show Notes 1/23/12: Setting BIG Goals & Achieving them with Sharon Wilson & Rachel Whalley

Show Notes 23 January 2012:
Monday Edition of Solo Pro Radio: Selling With Spirit Radio Hour with Tshombe Brown

Happy Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon! It’s the first New Moon of the year. Lots of powerful energy & another opportunity to set BIG, powerful & inspiring goals.

What is a Big Goal?
Definition of a goal: something you don’t yet believe (otherwise would have it now); something that scares you a little.


What gets in the way of setting and/or achieving?

People often afraid of making big goals or voicing to others what they are for fear of failure or looking foolish.

– Declare goals to those who you know will be supportive
– “Lean into the fear”
– Be gentle with yourself

Women in particular can be challenged to dream BIG or set big goals.

  • Who am I to do this? How will I be perceived?
  • Strong, assertive women called the “B-word”
  • Societal conditioning of what it means to be a ‘Good Girl’ inhibits full self-expression & stretching outside what’s considered good, proper, correct.”
  • Getting too big for your britches” not ladylike

First step: Realize the conditioning and stories that are driving the bus

When set goals whatever they are, get clear about both the supporting beliefs around the goal AND the beliefs that could sabotage you.


Empowered Manifestor Formula:

  • Write an agreement/partnership letter with God, Source, Higher Power, The Universe, or whatever you want to call it.
  • Focus/Manage your energy: “Clean up as you go”
  • Use focused energy in the Goal Setting Process


How to get additional support:

rachel whalley headshotRachel Whalley’s upcoming live event in the Seattle Area:
“Playing Outside the Box: Using Constellations to Explore Personality,” an interactive workshop using movement and the Enneagram to understand yourself and your motivations

Learn more at:!/rachelwhalley


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