Struggle with School Night Dinners? Meet the Real Food Moms on Family Food Experts Radio

Short on time.  Short on quick healthy dinner ideas for school nights?  Host Ellen Briggs of Family Food Experts and the Kid Kritics Approved program, along with co-hosts, the Real Food Moms are ready to save the day for you!  Tracee, a Registered Dietitian, and Lisa, a health and yoga expert, have a library of yummy easy to make dinners for families,  ones that taste good!  Tune in to meet them.  Have a pen and paper ready to jot down some notes.  Enter the Chat Room – sign in – to be eligible to win a signed copy of Tracee’s  book, Simple Foods for Busy Families.

Wed., 6pm eastern time, live. 

Look forward to chatting with you!

… for the health of your family,

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